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Monday 8am-2pm, Tuesday 9am-6pm, Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 8am-2pm. Please call regarding after hour appointments.

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If you are thinking about trying Lipo-Light and would like to know more,  please consider our Monday evening presentation at 6 pm.   Or, feel free to call Dr Daw at 801-272-1403 for a private consultation.   Please RSVP for the Monday evening short presentation-limited seating. 


As of September 3, 2013 I have tallied all of the inches lost in 3 sessons and the average was 3.8 inches with a range from 2 to 7.5 inches.  So I feel comfortable saying that at least 1 inch/session.   And we now have the Generation 3 new state of the art paddles.

Welcome to Lipo-Light Utah




Lipo-Light is the very first 100% LED Non-Invasive Body Contouring System.


Lipo-Light was developed in the UK by liposuction surgeon, Dr Rodrigo Neira, and has been in the US 7 years.  Dr Neira observed liquidification of adipose tissue when the fat was exposed to a specific frequency of red LED lights.   


The Lipo-Light Pro uses 16 paddles (vs 4-6 with other brands) and each paddle has 30 medical grade LED diodes that emit a warm red light at a wavelength of 635 nanometers.  That's 5700 joules of energy going into the adipose tissue  and stimulating cytochrome C oxidase to create a temporary opening in the cellular wall allowing the contents of free fatty acids, water and glycerine to pore out.  The opening in the cell is transitory and takes about 48 hours to close-after it closes it can not fill up again.  


The paddles are placed on the skin for 20 minutes on the targeted area.  Targeted areas may include the belly, inner thighs, inner arms, neck, face and rear end.   Virtually anywhere there is excess fat.




You will a feel a relaxng gentle warmth during the treatments.






After several months of research I am very pleased to annouce that I have teamed up with DesBio, a local

company who produces very high quality homeopathic tinctures.  Des Bio has a gound breaking homeopathic

product, hA2cg Evolution,  which contains two bioidentical active amino acid chain groups that are naturally found

in human chorionic gonadotropin.  You may recall that several years ago HGC was very popular in the weight loss community because it worked and then the FDA banned it.  DesBio and their researcher's where able to isolate the amino acid strands that were the most effective.  By providing a clearer and more concentrated message to the

body, these 2 amino acid chains together with the 21 focused and supportive homeopathic ingredients in the hA2cg Evolution will optimize and complement the Lipo-Light treatments.   DesBio's protocol is to do the Comprehensive Detox Kit along with the hA2cg Evolution.


The other exciting product from DesBio is EquolSlim.   DesBio is the exclusive producer of raspbery ketones. 

Dr OZ calls raspberry ketones, "The #1 Miracle in a Bottle to Burn Your Fat".    Be aware that there are several 'knock off' version of raspberry ketones on the market that are not the exclusive formula.  EquolSlim combines clinically studied ingredients for the support of weight management, appetitie control and emtional well-being and now the raspberry ketones enhance the support of healthy body composition. 


I want people to learn how to eat correctly and get their nutrition from good quality foods.  I highly recommend Dr Mark Hyman's book, "The Blood Sugar Solution" and "The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook".   Stabilizing blood sugar is the key to good health and not promoting chronic diseases like: high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disorders.   With this in mind I would like to challenge you to not eat anything white: 

NO SUGAR, WHITE POTATOES, WHITE RICE AND WHITE BREAD.  And see how good you feel!  (By the way, the cookbook has a great recipe for sugar free chocolate peanut butter cups)





1)  At Lipo-Light Utah you are greeted by the doctor,  discuss your goals and objectives with a doctor who has 22 years of Clinical Nutrition experience and you are set up on the equipment by the doctor.  You receive personalized attention by a trained medical provider instead of a medical sales associate within the doctor's office trying to sell you their products.

2) We treat multiple areas in each session.

3)  We provide the lastest technology in paddles that send even more energy into the cells.

4)  Dr Daw has worked with thryoid, adrenal and sugar imbalances for 22 years.  Nutritional

     consultations are available as well as specific lab tests.

5)  Science Based Weight Loss-no restricted diets, no powdered formulas.  We utilize the latest research to make  minor changes in what you eat and when you eat it.   We also recommend HIIT for exercise.   Please reveiw, "Ready, Set, Go" by Philip Campbell, if you would like more info on HIIT.






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